About Our Company

Heart Captioning Inc.


Regina DeMoville, owner of Heart Captioning, Inc., has an 

extensive resume including on-site CART provider, deposition 

reporter, broadcast captioner, as well as a mentor to many 

wonderful students. She currently works full time as a broadcast

captioner, remote CART provider, as well as spending many 

hours growing her business. Regina is a member of the 

CART/Captioning Committee with the California Court Reporters 

Association (CCRA), past captioner board member for CCRA as well as a mentor. 

Regina holds a current California Certified Shorthand Reporter 

(CSR) license, the newly formed NCRA Certified Realtime 

Captioner (CRC) license, and the California Certified Realtime Generalist (CCG). 

Regina is the author of an article titled 

"Caption It Forward" featured in past CCRA online magazines.

Regina volunteers for many court reporting and captioning events 

and likes to give back to the court reporting community as much 

as possible! 

Founded in early 2014, Heart Captioning, Inc. brings a fresh and updated perspective to the  CART world. We strive to bring quality captions to the people who need it most. 

Our team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing clean, readable, and steadfast real-time captioning for our clients.

Our company has something to prove. We will go above and beyond our duties to ensure our clients have an exclusive captioning experience with our company. 

Each one of our real-time captioners is unique. Each captioner brings a different set of skills and background to our company. While we are all different, we all have the same work ethic and promise to our clients to strive to be the best. 

Heart Captioning gives an assessment to each of their captioners to ensure quality before they are contracted. Heart Captioning wants to ensure each captioner has a passion for what they do, which will, in turn, show in their work.

Our Mission

The mission of Heart Captioning is to prove to our clients that we have a tremendous passion for what we do. Our captioners continuously strive to improve their skills and learn as much as they can about our amazing profession. We want our clients to have a one-of-a-kind-captioning experience they will never forget and to be known for our excellent quality.  

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